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University Information Day
the 12th of January 2017,  9 am to 1 pm
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... because we offer your course of studies.

The professional designations apply to both genders.

... because there are at least 10 good reasons for the WHZ ...

Courses connected with automobiles and engineering are a tradition with us, but you can study far more than that. Engineering, business and quality of life are our mnemonic for three quite varied scientific communities. Or would you have thought that you can also study sign language interpreting or musical instrument construction here?
We are open for everybody who’s interested and committed. Whether you’ve received vocational training or passed your master craftsman’s examination, you can study here without having done a university entrance qualification examination. In addition, in most courses we’ve abolished all restrictions on numbers, which will make it easier for you to start your dream course of studies.
In addition to bachelors and masters degrees you can also still acquire a Diplom (German academic degree) in many of our courses. Your advantage: you get a recognised academic degree which for decades has stood for the highest level of excellence.
Good value
Students have lots and lots of ideals and ideas. What they rarely have is a large bank account. But don’t worry, you don’t really need one with us. Without student fees and with low rents and a low cost of living Zwickau is one of the university towns in Germany with the best value for money. However, you still have to invest – in your degree – because you have to earn it.
With us you won’t get lost in in the lecture jungle and you won’t go under in the grey multitude. In the small seminar groups you’ll get to know your fellow students very well and you’ll quickly make new friends. As a result of the good teacher-student ratio (1:30), you’ll always find an open ear for your questions – this will guarantee smooth progress for your studies.
... because there are at least 10 good reasons for the WHZ ...
We have more than 20 years of experience as a university of applied sciences and more than 150 years of tradition in higher education. So you shouldn’t be surprised if this forge for engineers and university of the automobile is renowned far beyond Zwickau.
With the WHZ Racing Team we not only have our own racing stable but also a pretty successful one. For you this might be the stage where you can prove yourself internationally – whether as a designer, a technician or a marketing and finance expert.
Your studies will extend your horizons. And here you shouldn’t be constrained by national boundaries. Periods of study abroad are becoming more and more important. Employers also value graduates with experience abroad. We have close collaborative links with more than 100 universities both within and outside the European Union (in 36 countries). Among them there is sure to be a suitable destination for you.
Your campus is something we can be proud of. Not only are the classrooms, lecture theatres and laboratories state-of-the art, the halls of residence, refectories and cafeterias have also been completely renovated. Relaxation from study stress is catered for by landscaped green spaces on the campus.
Studying without student parties? Hard to imagine – for us too! Diversion from everyday student life is catered for by three student clubs, the university choir and many student clubs. With university sport sports fans get their money’s worth. In addition to classical sports there are also more unusual offerings such as golf, aikido and you can also acquire a boating licence.

... because many roads lead to us.

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Have you got any questions?

Contact person in the Central Course Guidance Service

Elke Kunze
Tel.: (0375) 536 1061

Postal Address

Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau
Akademisches Auslandsamt
Dr.-Friedrichs-Ring 2a
08056 Zwickau

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Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau
Akademisches Auslandsamt
Dr.-Friedrichs-Ring 2a
Zimmer R I 229
08056 Zwickau




... because studying in Zwickau is fun.

In Zwickau the WHZ is divided between the Inner City Campus and the Scheffelberg Campus (in the suburb of Eckersbach). In the Inner City are the Faculties of Automotive Production and Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Physical Engineering/Informatics. On the Scheffelberg you’ll find the Faculties of Economics and Business, Automotive Engineering, Applied Languages & Intercultural Communication and Health Care & Nursing Sciences.

Our two sites in Zwickau can be reached quickly by tram – as well as on foot or by bike. The student halls of residence aren’t far away either.

The Scheffelberg Campus is quite modern: The buildings have been recently renovated or newly built. There are lots of green spaces inviting you to relax between lectures and there is also outdoor seating at the refectory. 

You can travel from one WHZ site in Zwickau to the other within ten minutes by tram. However, as a rule you won’t have to travel between the sites since you lectures will mainly take place on the campus where you faculty is situated.

Other WHZ sites are to be found in Schneeberg, where the Faculty of Applied Arts is located, and Reichenbach with the Faculty of Architecture and the Institute for Textile and Leather Technology. The course in Musical Instrument Construction also belongs to the Faculty of Applied Art and can be found in our site in Markneukirchen.

Campus Maps

The WHZ’s university sport offers students an exclusive range of  sporting activities.

A brand-new gym belonging to the university is available for your use.

You’re not really a sportsperson, but are more inclined towards music? No problem – the WHZ also has a university choir.

Do you know the problem? At the end of your money there’s still too much of the month left?

In addition to financial support from grants and scholarships or from your parents, you can also earn a bit on the side with a part-time job. In-house university job boards such as:

offer you the opportunity to earn yourself some money. In addition, an employee of the Zwickau Job Centre will inform you regularly by e-mail about part-time and temporary job in a wide range of fields.

By the way, it’s also worth taking a look at our electronic bulletin board on Outlook – in addition to job offers students post offers for lifts to various cities, flat swapping, textbooks for sale etc., etc., etc….

Once a year the Graduate and Company Contact Fair (ZWIK) takes place in the Zwickau Civic Hall (Stadthalle). It offers students and school pupils information about internships, dissertations, work-study jobs, vocational training and student jobs.A visit to ZWIK will enable you to make contact with the company of your choice.

“It doesn’t do anybody any harm to look beyond their immediate surroundings.”
(from the personal report of an ERASMUS student)

The WHZcollaborates actively with universities both within the European Union and outside Europe giving you the opportunity to spend one or two semesters studying abroad or to do an internship there. You won’t just have the opportunity to gather experience abroad, you also have the chance to get to know young people from all over the world here at the WHZ

The WHZ Tandem Project offers you mentors who won’t just help improve your language skills but will also help build or strengthen you relationship with other cultures.

Having a child doesn’t represent an obstacle to studying anymore. Since 2008 the WHZ has been a certified family-friendly university and in addition to kindergarten and day-nursery places the university offers students and staff with children – or with other relatives they have to care for – a recreation room for parents and children, contact, breastfeeding and play rooms, a mini children’s library on the Scheffelberg Campus as well as a children’s sports group and children’s parties at Easter and Christmas.On top of that, it is possible to apply for a “free meal card” from the Student Services (Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau) for children up to the age of 6.

You’ll find further information and contact details here.

You find yourself in special circumstances and you are already studying at the WHZ or would like to do so? We’ll support you! 

The contact person for disabled and chronically ill students is:

Prof. Dr. phil. Martin Grünendahl
Faculty of Health and Nursing Sciences
Tel.: 0375 536 3201

Just as exams, reading books or learning are part of student life, it’s also impossible to imagine university life without parties. The three student clubs organise smaller and larger parties (e.g. the campus festival etc.) for you throughout the year. In addition, the student councils of the individual faculties organise various events such as, for example, the Christmas party with mulled wine, the Science Slam, the “Smart Your Brain” lecture or the badminton tournament.

You’re new at the WHZ and want to know more about the nightlife you your new home? Then off to the Zwickau Pub Rally
Together with your fellow-students you can explore the numerous bars in the Inner City of Zwickau all night long. In addition to amusing and offbeat tasks drinks at student-friendly prices will be awaiting you in the various pubs. 

In the WHZ Racing Team you can not only use the knowledge gained in your studies practically and deepen it, you can also demonstrate it in practice and above all on an international stage. In the “Formula Student” design competition student teams design and construct single seater, technically sophisticated racing cars and compete at events against other teams from all over the world. For you this can be a platform to prove yourself – whether as a designer, an engineer or an expert in marketing and finance.

You’re looking for a room in one of our halls of residence? Information, contacts and online application for a place in a hall of residence in Zwickau can be found here!

In addition to places in the halls of residence the Student Services (Studentenwerk) acts as an accommodation agency for flats and houses in Zwickau – flat sharing offers are welcome! So you won’t be alone if you haven’t been able get hold of a place in a hall of residence.

Zwickauer Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft eG - ZWG
Ernst-Thälmann-Strasse 101
08066 Zwickau
Tel: 0375 430 460
Fax: 0375 430 4618

Gebäude- und Grundstücksgesellschaft Zwickau mbH - GGZ
Parkstraße 1-4
08056 Zwickau
Telefon: 0375 530 333
Telefax: 0375 530 250

In addition to a historical Old Town the fourth largest city in Saxony offers many opportunities for retail therapy and adventure. In the city centre fashion boutiques, restaurants and cafés invite you to come shopping or to spend some time taking it easy.

In the open air you can experience the Zwickau City Festival, classical, pop and rock concerts, sporting events and a wide variety of markets.

The newly created Mulde-Paradies directly on the river and the inner-city park at the Schwanenteich are particularly popular with amateur athletes and cyclists. Also at dance studios and gyms, various sports clubs and two beautiful large swimming lakes you can relax in idea conditions. The historic Johannisbad rates as a real oasis of well-being with its extraordinary architecture – a recreational pleasure with an indoor swimming pool, a gym and spacious sauna facilities. For students there is a reduced admission price.

In the Zwickauer Knopffabrik climbing and boulder enthusiasts will get their money’s worth. Those who prefer to climb outdoors can do so in Monkeypark, which you’ll find in the „Perle Picnic and Adventure Park.

One of the most significant celebrities from the City of Zwickau is the composer Robert Schumann. Those who love classical music can listen to his works in Robert Schumann House, the house where he was born directly on the main market square (Hauptmarkt). More music and other events are on offer at the “Neue Welt” Concert Hall and Ballroom, a unique Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) building with Saxony’s largest terrace hall. Every year in the autumn the matriculation ceremony for all our “freshmen” also takes place there.

The Alte Gasometer, with its cabaret and other events, workshops etc., and the Civic Hall (Stadthalle), as a venue for concerts, fairs and sporting events among other things, offer an additional range of events for night owls and those in search of adventure.

Studying an reasonable cost.

An investigation by the magazine UNICUM came to the conclusion that Zwickau is the second-cheapest city in Germany to study in. The things that were compared were rent, cost of food and clothing, educational supplies and transport in 123 places of study in Germany. In Zwickau students have to raise about €630 a month on average to cover their living costs – half of what students in many other places pay.

A good place to feel comfortable.

Zwickau, the city of automobiles and Robert Schumann in the middle of Germany; has a redeveloped and renovated city centre with attractive shops and pedestrian precincts.

Accommodation isn’t a problem here: Students here have the choice between a hall of residence, a flatshare or even their own flat or house – all to be had and all at affordable prices.

On top of that Zwickau offers urban flair and at the same time lots of green space: the Schwanenteich and the Mulde-Paradies directly on the river are inviting places for cycling, jogging or simply relaxing. And within 30 minutes you’re already in the Ore Mountains – a joy not just in winter.

Staying to work.

Those who’d like to stay will have loads of opportunities in Zwickau and the rest of West Saxony: Our graduates have a wide variety of prospects in business, industry, commerce and the health sector. They are in great demand not just by the WHZ’s large partners – such as VW Sachsen GmbH – but also in the supply industry and in many small and medium-sized firms. The chances of getting a well-paid job are better than ever.


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